We are a group of experienced transgender personal trainers with a goal of helping others with similar experiences.

As transgender men and women in the fitness industry, we understand the needs of our brothers and sisters.  Many of us have experienced our own transformations and we know there is much room for improvement in personal training when it comes to transgender folks.  We combine education with experience to help you reach your goals!  We pride ourselves on affordable training for EVERYONE!

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  • Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.05.02 AMMaisha
    "Just 14 weeks ago, my friend and trainer (Trey Sheidler) asked me to commit to getting up at 4am twice a week so he could abuse me before my work day started. He asked me to trust him and walked out of my house with all my chocolate. I stepped on the scale this morning and discovered in the short amount of time I've been working with him, I've dropped 10.6% of my body weight. I can't remember the last time I've felt this strong and healthy!"
  • krisbeforeafterKris
    "Honestly, I was hesitant at first to join this challenge. I've always struggled in the past with weightloss/fitness programs, but I was convinced by the results I had seen in Trey. Another big part was being guided and mentored by a fellow trans man, so I knew he would understand my specific struggles with body issues. I can't even begin to describe how fantastic the program ended up being. I was never hungry, but never felt like I ate too much. And then I seriously began to see results. I stuck to the program and when I had concerns, Trey would address them either with encouragement or changing something that needed to be changed. I can't recommend this program enough. Trey is an amazing trainer with a great extent of knowledge, and I am proof of this."
  • meschellebeforeafterMeschelle
    "Before working out with Trey I had a pretty sporadic/almost non-existent workout routine. He was really accommodating working with my skill level and shoulder injury and was also very helpful coming up with a meal plan that was both vegan and gluten-free. I started out thinking it was just going to be a nice change of pace for me, but now that I've been working out regularly, I feel like I want to do it all of the time! It's really exciting going from my sedentary lifestyle to working out three or more times a week, actually feeling my body getting stronger, losing weight, and just feeling better in general. It's super rewarding setting my mind to transforming my body and actually seeing the results!"
  • johntestimonialphotoJohn
    "A different kind of testimonial. John says, "Thanks! I couldn't have carried all three of them a year ago." Strength training definitely has its perks. Keep pushing those weights"
  • michaelbeforeafterMichael
    "Trey is an expert in body transformation. Using the custom diet plan and working with him thrice weekly helped this skinny runner gain 0.7 lbs of lean body mass/muscle while discarding 4.4 lbs of fat. The pictures might not look dramatic, but I can see and feel the increase in strength that I've gained over the last 30 days. If I wasn't about to move to another state I would be continuing my 'Treyning'; regardless I've built a great foundation for future work. Thanks Trey!"
  • garytestimonialphotosGary
    I met Trey at my local gym. A few months after meeting I decided that I wanted to compete in a physique competition and would need a trainer. I immediately thought of Trey. I had seen him train others and I could tell he knew what he was doing. More importantly to me he was very approachable. I didn't know what to expect at our first session but he quickly made me feel comfortable. He pushed me just enough to do beyond my best (or what I thought was my best) without being too pushy. Although I decided not to compete, I still had never looked or felt better. Hitting the gym now is just not the same. I would definitely recommend him as a trainer to anyone looking for a positive change in their bodies, workouts and lives! Thanks, Trey
  • jessicabeforeafterJessica
    "Working out with Trey for the last 30 days has taught me more about myself than I could have imagined. This journey has allowed me to be mindful of my body and conscious of what I consume. My transformation is both physical and emotional, I was able to gain 1.5 lbs. of muscle, but most importantly I gained the mental strength and confidence I have always wanted. Thanks to Trey I feel like I can do anything, I am able to eat right for my body type and I am able to become stronger each and every day. I am forever grateful to Trey for introducing me to my new life."
  • adamfrontAdam
    Trey Sheidler's 8-week weight loss challenge was effective and helped me successfully reach my health goals. Trey's guidelines for diet and exercise were easy to fit into my schedule and perfectly tailored for my individual body type and fitness level. By following the in-depth program that he designed for me, including custom meal and workout plans and unlimited trainer support, I quickly noticed that my sleep was improved, my mood was better throughout the day, I was able to think more clearly under stress, my workouts became easier, and I felt better all-around. Most importantly, I was thrilled with the physical results--I gained muscle, lowered my body fat percentage and leaned out, all in a matter of weeks. I would highly recommend Trey's program to anyone, those looking to begin their journey toward better health, and those who need a little support continuing on that road.